EUROPES - Contemporary Culture Festival

The Conference on Production Centers and Platforms is an annual three-day symposium whose first edition will be held on 10-12 November 2010 in the framework of EUROPES. The conference aims to forge active ties between European production centers and platforms working in the field of plastic, visual and performing arts. This offers a meeting point so heads of key European centers and platforms can get together and debate issues such as theoretical and critical analysis and strike up a dialogue to share positions, expectations, models and interests, comparing and contrasting interdisciplinary visions and strengthening networks.

Melinda Sipos is invited to take part as a speaker in a round-table panel titled Production and interdisciplinarity to debate and analyse together with other leading international experts the actual situation and future possibilities.

EUROPES is organized by LA FABRICA, a cultural management company based in Barcelona, and aims to bring contemporary creations from all over Europe to the capital of Catalonia during three weeks. EUROPES is held from the 21st of October to the 14th of November with a program that holds activities embracing the plastic and visual arts, performing arts, music, cinema, literature, gastronomy, architecture, fashion and design.