Soft is the new cool

Hungarian Institut, New York
16-19 May 2009.

As part of the yearlong Extremely Hungary Fesztivál, the Hungarian Cultural Center will present 17 emerging Hungarian designers during New York Design Week (ICFF). As they showcase their newest products, the designers will invite New Yorkers to discover a sensual approach to interactive, graphic, furniture, jewelry, glass, ceramics, fashion and accessories design and architecture. All the designs in the exhibition are inspired by softness in various fashions. Softness may refer to the material—its touch or visual aspect, or to the concept.

The concept and the visual form of the exhibition was worked out in cooperation with WAMP. We built two interactive installations with the help of Animata and Fluxus to introduce a selection of design products in a playful, interactive way. The third projection is a presentation about the whole event made in Prezi:


Passing by the projection the hanging dolls dressed into young designer's clothes behave like you.


Help the fire with blowing into a micro to see what is preparing in our goulash.

Beside of this virtual tour a limited edition of design products is sold on the venue.