Wakoopa T-shirt

Our aim

We designed an interactive t-shirt, which is suppose to represent computer using habits. We came up with this concept to amend the already existing website called Wakoopa. (www.wakoopa.com)
With downloading a little software from this website, we allow them to monitor which websites are we checking, for how long, in what ratio did we use different software in comparison with each other. We can always see the daily/monthly statistics on the website. The site functions as a social network as well, each user has an avatar.
The avatars are on different levels according to how many times do they use it. You could subscribe for the T-shirt on the Wakoopa website and the basic package would include one shirt with the 15 most often used logo and it would present the troy of the usage with the leds. With the pro package the subscriber would get a shirt each month, which shows the total usage and the size of the logos would change according to how often or how many times or for how long were they used. (At users on a higher level we show more logos.) Moreover it would be possible to buy the shirts individually.

How does it work?

The LEDs are placed between the fabric and the ironed sticker on the shirt, and they are controlled by a Lillypad Arduino with wi-fi. When it passes by a free hotspot and our computer is turned on, the shirt updates the LED-diagram immediately.