Tone Tags


Tone tags are small devices that can record and loop sounds. Once the button is pressed, you can make some noise and each tag starts cycling it endlessly. You can throw it on any surface, it stays there, and your sound is fixed at that specific point.

On one hand it can be extended to a large scale interactive sound installation. On the other hand we can track each tag’s position in the space, and see the emerging forms of their continuous spreading on streets (because of people are replacing them, and recording new sounds onto them). We can map their movements to abstract visualisations or just simply showing its current state on a google map.

Then we have two perspectives of a same sound contruction one is a micro-scale perception (by walking and finding an individual tone tag, and change its content and place), the other is a global, or macro-view: when we see the overall constellation of the sound nodes.


For the development of each tone tag, we are using a microcontroller, speaker, mike, buttons, passive components. The fixation on the walls can be solved by using magnets, tapes, etc. We would like to build 30 pieces at first, using small batteries, so the looping sound can be continuously heard for about a week without replacing the batteries.

The tracking of the devices can be solved manually (by marking them on the google map) its not really controllable, it depends on the people who find them, and also needs some additional information for them, to know, what to do. It can also be solved by an automatic procedure, using gps coordinates, so it depends on the status of the batteries only.

Participating researchers

Márton Juhász, Dávid Lakatos, Ágoston Nagy, Melinda Sipos