T-shirt message

QR code is a two-dimensional bar code, which has been developed in Japan in 1994. It has become extremely popular there, where standards were adopted in January 1999, where posters, and ads often include QR codes and where the most mobile phones are already able to read. In June 2000, it has become an international standard. It became even more popular after it was launched and quickly spreaded around the world.

Neuro Cube

We wanted to develop a game that is capable of creating complex systems based on simple rules. Each cube is composed of the same hardware elements and runs the same programs. The cubes are able to detect each other depending on their correlating situation and can interact with each other in the form of light and sound plays.

Smoking Area

Our first goal was to build a closed area that allows the caughing objects to be tried in exhibitions with real smoke.

More and more European countries decide to ban smoking in public spaces. The ones who would like to light up a cigarette must find the smoking area, which is mostly outside of the building, in the fresh air. Generally speaking the area reserved for smokers is becoming smaller every day and because of this they became isolated.

Smoke Viz

In this project we explore the topic of smoking. This habit has a rich social context and cultural background despite its negative health risks. We are interested in the space occupied by smokers, designed objects related to smoking (i.e. ashtrays, lighters) and the cultural romance attached to it.

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