In the Air


In the Air is a visualization project which aims to make visible the microscopic and invisible agents of the air (gases, particles, pollen, diseases, etc), to see how they perform, react and interact with the rest of the city.

The visualization tool is a web-based dynamic model which builds up the space the components generate, where through data crossing behavior patterns emerge.

In the air Budapest


12-18 december 2009

Kitchen Budapest is seeking for participants: we are looking for programmers, artist and designers, architects, urban designers, ecologists, biologists, chemists, sociologists, anthropologists to participate a one week workshop about the air quality of Budapest.

Opera Looper

Built on our previous experience from the MobileJam project Opera Looper creates a collective musical experience by controlling musical loops using four iPods.

Opera Looper is a combination of two software tools: a sample based sound system written in Pure Data, and a real-time animation system created in Animata. Opera Looper made its debut at the Opera Unbound event in cooperation with Samu Gryllus, Brooklyn Museum and Extremely Hungary.

Nine men's Morris Curtain

The curtain is an interactive curtain on witch u can play the well known the nine Men's Morris game.
It can be controller with and old game controller, optionally with a keyboard or a mobile phone,
while colored LEDs show the state of the game.

Malom game is an implementation of the Nine Men's Morris game which is extremely popular in Hungary. The original board game is now mounted on a curtain and it contains an Arduino, LEDs, some more electronics and a joystick as game control.

(Project file (Add a ZIP file with all files, PCB, schematic, video etc!!))

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3D nine men's Morris Game

The nine Men's Morris is new kind of spatial board game.
The game is also known as Nine Man Morris, Mill, Mills, Merels, Merelles, and Merrills in English.
Compared to the 2D version, here you can leave the plane and play in other dimensions.
The goal of the game is to form triads of LEDs of the same color in straight line.

This called the mill. The game figure can move on six interconnected orbits in the space.
Both players have 9 figures at the time of a departure.The orbit of the nine men’s Morris is a tubular frame.

P2P Booksharing app for social network

Where COMPUTING serves the very SOCIAL action of lending a very PHYSICAL piece of CULTURE... a book.

Books (yes, we think of physical pieces of books) are still of relevance in our age when file sharing, music and video download became our daily routine. We can carry them with us, read it on the tram and have wonderful smell!


We imagine a light space which can be controlled by physical human force. Soft, tensile, elastic rays of light stretched through the space which can be grabbed and stretched and so controlled.


MacsEk is an asymmetric button eyed vaguely stitched USB tailed cosmopolitan traveling pocket thingy. It is usually found in geeks and other maniacs pocket (last seen > KIBU, red desk).

Digital initial

To embed digital source of text documents in their printed format. We want to create an easy way to process documents received on paper without the necessity of scanning/digitalizing them.

iPhone Finger Prosthesis

The success of iphone is a result of a carefully designed easy-to-use user interface. Using a multitouch interface you can take control of your application by making more free gestures, not repeating the unanimous button pressing. The intelligent sensors equipped with multitouch interfaces are likely to overthrow the only option of the more than a hundred years of keyboard-display combo.

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