Our aim was to create a product that is so sweet and funny that "EVERYONE WILL WANT ONE!!!".

Subjective Atlas of Hungary

Is it possible to draw a portrait of contemporary Hungary with only one pencil, hold by many? Could we map the country at all with its controversial optimism and pessimism, proud and poetry in one single book?

Fifty young visual authors were invited by Kitchen Budapest and Dutch designer Annelys de Vet to put their homeland in perspective.

Blowing-sensitive Creatures!

Blow a wave to the facade and change the hotel's color!

As part of the Media Facades Festival 2010 we have built a blowing-sensitive device which is connected to the facade of the Lánchíd 19 Design Hotel. If you are blowing the device it starts to light and send a data to the facade. After few seconds you can see a wave on the facade that you made.


"It's like a Kensington lock for your iPad."

A software that protects your iPad™, iPhone® or iPod®


The software is continuously tracking whether your devices are connected to your computer with a USB cable. If any of the devices gets disconnected (on either end of the USB cable) an alarm sound goes on immediately.


Participants: Ula Kowal, Justyna Brząkalik, Anna Cséfalvayová, William Speed

The aim of the project is to develop a network for people who are ready to share their meals. The project will be supported by a website eatup.com. Which helps users to search for 'eatup' meetings by area, number of participants or dishes served; put online their own events or find people with common tastes.

Facebook Top Trumps

Participants: Angelika Böröcz, Theodóra Pásztor, Attila Bujdosó

When using social sites, people are likely to share all kinds of information about themselves, without contemplating too much. The result is an ever-growing pile of data accumulating on the web. We came up with a little game for playing around with this idea – inspired by the well-known Top Trumps card games.


As an urban realtime publication, Newsleak is a motivated functional hybrid of real and digital cultures and media.

Press a button on a wall in a street to instantly receive a printed summary of the latest news from around the world, news of your current location, news of internet cultures, events, trends and social media.

SubMap - Subjective mapping

SubMap project started with the intention to draw subjective maps as we were deeply interested in how we can visualize personal memories and stories on maps. To achieve this, we developed some scripts to create distorted maps.

In the course of time the focus of the project shifted to making a tool that visualizes locative and time based data on maps.

Power of Play (POP)

This project shows the power of inherent human playfulness. While modelling the process of learning, with the help of evolutionary algorithms everyday objects become capable of playing. By using a video camera, foam desk lamps track the path of a beachball, trying to keep it going. The complex and dynamic movements of this game are difficult to programme. For this reason the greatest challenge of the project was to create the appropriate algorithms, which harmonize the motion of the lamps.


(b)AR is an augmented reality game, an interactive music installation designed to be used in pubs, parties or public places.

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