The PiXspacer is an experimental application that turns digital image sequences into virtual 3D shapes. The software has a new kind of approach on image viewing and browsing by using the images’ metadata for creating the computer vision.

Mobile Jam

This project explores the possibility of using mobile phones as a tool for creating music and aims. In this project we have considered mobile phones as a tool for creating music and target developments with this aim. Our research mainly looks at the following two directions:
1. Mobile phones as remote controls
2. Mobile phones as stand-alone musical instruments

Prezi online presentation sketching software

Prezi is a zooming presentation editor which allows you to easily create stunning presentations. With the help of Prezi you can create dynamic and visually structured zooming maps of texts, images, videos, PDFs, drawings. Prezi has a very intuitive interface and support for online sharing.

More on the website.

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