Reconstruct Trinity Kick

You find yourself on an industrial desert looking at your digital shadow as a cloud of radio noise. When you jump the whole scene freezes and you can watch your freezed body gesture as a floating iron sculpture while the camera turns around you in 360 degrees.

3D nine men's Morris Game

The nine Men's Morris is new kind of spatial board game.
The game is also known as Nine Man Morris, Mill, Mills, Merels, Merelles, and Merrills in English.
Compared to the 2D version, here you can leave the plane and play in other dimensions.
The goal of the game is to form triads of LEDs of the same color in straight line.

This called the mill. The game figure can move on six interconnected orbits in the space.
Both players have 9 figures at the time of a departure.The orbit of the nine men’s Morris is a tubular frame.

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