Wakoopa T-shirt

Our aim

We designed an interactive t-shirt, which is suppose to represent computer using habits. We came up with this concept to amend the already existing website called Wakoopa. (
With downloading a little software from this website, we allow them to monitor which websites are we checking, for how long, in what ratio did we use different software in comparison with each other. We can always see the daily/monthly statistics on the website. The site functions as a social network as well, each user has an avatar.


This project focuses on the continuous flow of social data fragments that herald our transitions between online and offline worlds.

Each time a person goes comes online or goes offline, servers all over the world are alerted and these simple messages are transmitted to that person's friends. While most of these transitions are ignored, our project captures this data in order to expand and dwell within the liminal spaces between our real and virtual worlds. This continuous and dynamic data flow inspired us to create an installation where these transitions are metaphorically represented by physical and nonphysical phenomena.

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