Our aim was to create a product that is so sweet and funny that "EVERYONE WILL WANT ONE!!!".

Poem Bean

Poem Bean is a little, smart and loveable gadget with a beetle-sized silicon body, containing a button, LED and light sensor. You can store a poem or any personal message in your bean. Like a tiny new media hero, it carries a modern-day message in a bottle, and also connects literature and new media. The bean shows us how to rediscover poetry with the help of technology and morse signs.

Talking Flowers

Or as it started Plantogochi is a microcontroller driven communication tool for plants. It uses an online database to identify the needs of the choosen plant, and collects realtime data like soil and air humidity, light, wind and temperature.

With this "upgrade" the plant can communicate in short messages through gsm, microblog and e-mail. It has a small screen and a speaker for direct notification. Connecting to a computer via USB she's personality, display and sound can be configured like an avatar.

Tone Tags


Tone tags are small devices that can record and loop sounds. Once the button is pressed, you can make some noise and each tag starts cycling it endlessly. You can throw it on any surface, it stays there, and your sound is fixed at that specific point.

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