Kitchen Budapest and WAMP present the outcome of an open call launched for young Hungarian designers. The call invited to participate in a workshop and develop projects with tutors Anab Jain and Jon Arden designers and co-directors at Superflux, a design studio based in London, UK and Ahmedabad, India.

Facebook Top Trumps

Participants: Angelika Böröcz, Theodóra Pásztor, Attila Bujdosó

When using social sites, people are likely to share all kinds of information about themselves, without contemplating too much. The result is an ever-growing pile of data accumulating on the web. We came up with a little game for playing around with this idea – inspired by the well-known Top Trumps card games.

Power of Play (POP)

This project shows the power of inherent human playfulness. While modelling the process of learning, with the help of evolutionary algorithms everyday objects become capable of playing. By using a video camera, foam desk lamps track the path of a beachball, trying to keep it going. The complex and dynamic movements of this game are difficult to programme. For this reason the greatest challenge of the project was to create the appropriate algorithms, which harmonize the motion of the lamps.


(b)AR is an augmented reality game, an interactive music installation designed to be used in pubs, parties or public places.


Smoquito is a simple game which is a specific fusion of our childhood self and the yearly repeating bad experience for the summer, when enjoying a romantic moment you suddenly have to face a cloud of mosquitoes, especially on a beach with sunset. In this situation a cigarette can be useful, which is a tool for getting in touch, and it really works though it is undesirable in general.

Nine men's Morris Curtain

The curtain is an interactive curtain on witch u can play the well known the nine Men's Morris game.
It can be controller with and old game controller, optionally with a keyboard or a mobile phone,
while colored LEDs show the state of the game.

Malom game is an implementation of the Nine Men's Morris game which is extremely popular in Hungary. The original board game is now mounted on a curtain and it contains an Arduino, LEDs, some more electronics and a joystick as game control.

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3D nine men's Morris Game

The nine Men's Morris is new kind of spatial board game.
The game is also known as Nine Man Morris, Mill, Mills, Merels, Merelles, and Merrills in English.
Compared to the 2D version, here you can leave the plane and play in other dimensions.
The goal of the game is to form triads of LEDs of the same color in straight line.

This called the mill. The game figure can move on six interconnected orbits in the space.
Both players have 9 figures at the time of a departure.The orbit of the nine men’s Morris is a tubular frame.

Neuro Cube

We wanted to develop a game that is capable of creating complex systems based on simple rules. Each cube is composed of the same hardware elements and runs the same programs. The cubes are able to detect each other depending on their correlating situation and can interact with each other in the form of light and sound plays.

Mobile Hero

Mobile Hero is a prototype of a brand new j2me based mobile game, with witch you can play your favourite songs with your mobile phone. While you are playing, the game shows you when and which button to press (and hold down). If you do well, you can hear your favourite hit. Of course its not as easy as it seems...

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