noisy coat

Noisy coat is a fashionista performance tool. The project is collaboration between kepp showroom and KIBU. The idea behind the work is to remind the fashion loving audience of the work that is put in crating and making fashion. In order to do that sounds of different machines typical to sewing workshop (sawing machines, irons, coat hangers and so on) along with environmental sounds were recorded in the showroom to create an interactive noise composition that a dancer brought to life. The movements of the dancer triggered and modulated the above-described sounds.

Nine men's Morris Curtain

The curtain is an interactive curtain on witch u can play the well known the nine Men's Morris game.
It can be controller with and old game controller, optionally with a keyboard or a mobile phone,
while colored LEDs show the state of the game.

Malom game is an implementation of the Nine Men's Morris game which is extremely popular in Hungary. The original board game is now mounted on a curtain and it contains an Arduino, LEDs, some more electronics and a joystick as game control.

(Project file (Add a ZIP file with all files, PCB, schematic, video etc!!))

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MacsEk is an asymmetric button eyed vaguely stitched USB tailed cosmopolitan traveling pocket thingy. It is usually found in geeks and other maniacs pocket (last seen > KIBU, red desk).

T-shirt message

QR code is a two-dimensional bar code, which has been developed in Japan in 1994. It has become extremely popular there, where standards were adopted in January 1999, where posters, and ads often include QR codes and where the most mobile phones are already able to read. In June 2000, it has become an international standard. It became even more popular after it was launched and quickly spreaded around the world.

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