SubMap - Subjective mapping

SubMap project started with the intention to draw subjective maps as we were deeply interested in how we can visualize personal memories and stories on maps. To achieve this, we developed some scripts to create distorted maps.

In the course of time the focus of the project shifted to making a tool that visualizes locative and time based data on maps.

Talking Flowers

Or as it started Plantogochi is a microcontroller driven communication tool for plants. It uses an online database to identify the needs of the choosen plant, and collects realtime data like soil and air humidity, light, wind and temperature.

With this "upgrade" the plant can communicate in short messages through gsm, microblog and e-mail. It has a small screen and a speaker for direct notification. Connecting to a computer via USB she's personality, display and sound can be configured like an avatar.

Murmur Study

Murmur Study is a work-in-progress that examines the rise of micro-messaging technologies such as Twitter and Facebook Status Updates. Twenty thermal receipt printers controlled by Processing, Arduinos and custom circuitry, continuously produce an endless waterfall of Tweets, which accumulate in tangled piles at the bottom.

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