Slivid is a simple web application prototype that helps you sync and publish your slides along with your talk.

To keep things simple we don’t store any of your files but use your video on YouTube and your slides on SlideShare. Which things, if you enjoy sharing your talks, and we believe you do, upload anyhow.

Once done, come back to Slivid, and enjoy easy syncing and publishing of your talks.

To Fragment and Then To Rebuild (21 Days)

For 21 days straight, our guest researcher Jason Dunne was a multi-webcam street photographer in Budapest during September-October 2009.

Using still-captures from these multiple webcam fractured vantage points, all of the images were downsized to ultra-low pixel counts. On Day 1, each image was downsized to 1x3 pixels; Day 2 the image was downsized to 2x6 pixels, Day 5 became 5x15 pixels, and so on, until Day 21, when each image is 21 pixels in height (and about .001694 megapixels in total), and the original image reappears.


Our project aims at creating a mobile application that will be a personal and essential guide for touring the city of Budapest. While you cruise through the city, this product will enable you to watch videos about nearby interesting places with the help of mobile Internet. These videos are created by researchers from Kitchen Budapest with the help of a friendly-faced Hungarian stand-up comedian.


AutoCut is a sound-based "self-editing" video application. There are many short videos shot by mobile devices. They usually stay on the hard disk or be uploaded to a video-sharing portal without any editing.

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