Subjective Atlas of Hungary

We are preparing the Subjective Atlas of Hungary for which we look for local contributors.

Our aim

Our aim is to create the Subjective Atlas of Hungary, similarly to former international editions (Subjective Atlas of Palestine, Subjective Atlas of Serbia, Subjective Atlas of the Netherlands). This book would represent today's Hungary from a visual perspective. First of all, such a book is interesting from the national identity point of view. Meanwhile it creates a great graphic and visual experience. On top of this, Subjective atlas of Hungary is an essential design piece with huge cultural and touristic potential.

The Hungarian edition will follow the original concept by Dutch designer, Annelys de Vet. A public call will be published in order to select approximately 30 local contributors who will create new and alternative images for the book. The editing and layout will be then done by Annelys de Vet accompanied by a junior designer from Hungary.

We look for participants who have experience in expressing themselves by visual means. Our intention is to invite people from diverse professional backgrounds, gender and age. We also intend not to limit the participants to the mere fields of art and design, but involve architects, hackers, computer scientists, social scientists, activists and more disciplines.

Project workshop

Annelys will lead a workshop at Kitchen Budapest from 22 November to 3 December, 2010.

To see our call for contributors, click here (in Hungarian).

Project setup

Producer: Kitchen Budapest
Editor: Annelys de Vet
Curator: Bujdosó Attila

Partner organizations:

MOME Line, Trafó, WAMP.


The publication of Subjective Atlas of Hungary is made possible with kind supports of

  • Royal Netherlands Embassy
  • Fonds BKVB


Bujdosó Attila, Kitchen Budapest +36 70 280 9137