About the Startup Program

A couple of years ago KIBU took part in the establishment of Prezi, a company that now has over 8 million users. It is time now to help other ideas reach their success: we are launching our startup program.

Our mission is to make millions of people’s lives easier and happier thanks to the startups participating in our program. With the contribution of acclaimed mentors we support talented startup teams with educational, network- and financial funding within the areas of strategy, design, technology and communication.

Join us if you have come up with an idea that could be a solution to a problem of many people. With the help of our mentors – Péter Árvai, Gergő Csikós, Péter Csíkos, Péter Halácsy, Attila Kocsis, Veronika Pistyur, Gábor Schwarz, Ádám Somlai-Fischer, Gábor Szántó, Péter Szerémi és Patrick Vlaskovits – launch your startup and make your dream come true!

What we provide:

Creative and productive environment for 26 weeks where you can learn from renowned mentors, opportunity to progress along with skillful teams and to introduce yourself in international competitions, and also an amount of 4-6 million HUF so as to be able to focus on the development of your startup.

What we require:

Commitment towards your project, expertise and devoted team-work, and 10-30% ownership of your startup.

Apply now!

With your project, question or opinion please contact Bence Bogár at
startup@kitchenbudapest.hu or @bncbgr