Smoquito is a simple game which is a specific fusion of our childhood self and the yearly repeating bad experience for the summer, when enjoying a romantic moment you suddenly have to face a cloud of mosquitoes, especially on a beach with sunset. In this situation a cigarette can be useful, which is a tool for getting in touch, and it really works though it is undesirable in general.

The smoke from burning cigarettes also discourage mosquitos with a better feeling, however, with the burning end of the cigarette we can burn them if they are too angry. All of this happens virtually of course only on the screen.

How does it work?

One type of infrared light is not visible to the naked eye, but most of the inexpensive cameras (phone camera, webcam) can see it clearly. With an appropriate filter the infrared light can be separated, trackable, and can be used as pointer. This principle can be used for a lot of games. Among other things, the Multitouch Screen of KIBU works in a similar way.

The end of a burning cigarette makes visible light and infrared light in the same time, so it is suitable for camera tracking and using as a pointer as well.


Eszter Ozsvald , Zoltán Csík-Kovács, András Szalai