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QR code is a two-dimensional bar code, which has been developed in Japan in 1994. It has become extremely popular there, where standards were adopted in January 1999, where posters, and ads often include QR codes and where the most mobile phones are already able to read. In June 2000, it has become an international standard. It became even more popular after it was launched and quickly spreaded around the world.

Our aim

Kitchen Budapest researchers started to use QR codes when printed on T-shirts. Our clothes are already a media for transmitting message in color, style, or by printed graphics, and if the message is encrypted it is even more exciting. It is really a geek thing, to have our facebook or iwiw id or status message on the T-shirt in the form of QR codes.

Kratt wearing velcro QR code T-shirt
Kratt wearing velcro QR code T-shirt

How does it work?

QR code, as with all encoding there are two phase to talk about – encoding when the code is created from the message, and decoding when the code is translated back to the original message, hopefully without error. The QR code is optimized for to be effectively and quickly read by low resolution cheap cameras, even if the image is blurred or distorted. QR is the abbreviation of “quick response”, also refers to this meaning, however, decoding on slow phones can take up to10 seconds.

Current state:

The workshop, held in Kitchen Budapest presented some options about how to make our own unique QR codes, to broadcast encoded message by printed QR codes, handmade QR codes, or making QR codes by tricky textile skills, by which our code on T-shirt will be changeable. Later we will brainstorm about and write iphone applications on the creative use of QR codes.

Participating researchers:

Bircsák Eszter, Bujdosó Attila, Csík-Kovács Zoltán, Sipos Melinda, Szalai András


To generate QR codes:
- http://zxing.appspot.com/generator/
- http://www.qrstuff.com/
- http://qrcode.kaywa.com/

To read QR codes:
- i-nigma reader for mobile devices: www.i-nigma.com or i-nigma reader on Getjar
- kaywa reader for mobile devices: reader.kaywa.com
- Beetagg reader for iphone and other mobile devices: www.beetagg.com
- NeoReader for mobile devices: www.neoreader.com
- Bcwebcam for windows to decode from webcam
- ZXing Decoder Online to decode QR codes from an URL or uploaded photo online
- TigTags - this link may help to find the best app for your mobile device: tigtags.com/getqr
- mobile-barcodes - detailed help to find QR code reader app: http://www.mobile-barcodes.com/qr-code-software

For developers:
- QR code library for processing

For playful people:
- qr_blank_fill_manually.pdf download 21x21 QR code blank sheet to color manually
- Instructions on how to make KIBU styled QR code ironed on T-shirt

2009.04.18-24. QR code T-shirt workshop, Enter Festival, Prague

link: http://kitchenbudapest.hu/en/enter-festival-prague

If you managed to get one of our QR T-shirt package here is a little more detailed help for making your unique QR T-shirt:

Please follow the instructions:

If you don't have one, and are interested in or you would like to have a QR Code T-Shirt please send us an email for this address: qrt-shirt@kitchenbudapest.hu.

2009.03.27 Project Social #3

link: http://kitchenbudapest.hu/en/spirit-of-the-spring-projectsocial3

Reconfigurable QR code T-shirt by use of velcro
Reconfigurable QR code T-shirt by use of velcro

QR code experiments
QR code experiments

handmade QR code on T-shirt
Handmade QR code on T-shirt

Experiments on making QR codes manually

painting QR code by pen - download this sheet

making QR code of sugar cubes

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