Poem Bean

Poem Bean is a little, smart and loveable gadget with a beetle-sized silicon body, containing a button, LED and light sensor. You can store a poem or any personal message in your bean. Like a tiny new media hero, it carries a modern-day message in a bottle, and also connects literature and new media. The bean shows us how to rediscover poetry with the help of technology and morse signs.

Bean-making process:

Why do we prepare it?

We like poems. We also like to find new relations between artistic areas in many different ways. Linking literature and new media (transmitting poems in morse code) gives us a funny new device, that you can use for sending (secret) messages and enjoying poetry.

How does it work

Click the button twice then the LED will begin to blink. The LED blinks out the poem in morse code. If you do not know the morse alphabet, download Poem2Bean.exe 1.0 over the internet, restart, and then flash the bean in front of the webcam. The application will then write the poem out on the screen for you.

Poem2Bean.exe can "charge" the beans with any text you choose. Type any message into the window, then hold down the bean button until it flashes red. Place the bean in the corner of the screen, click upload in the application, the small window flashes black and white, and the bean begins to blink green. The message is uploaded to the beans by this method, and also overwrites the previous content. Flashing green indicates that the upload was successful.

Current state

After testing the first bean-prototypes, we are currently working on the new series, wich are smarter and faster (you can upload more character in less time) and they communicate with each other.

Participating researchers

Eszter Ozsvald, Eduárd Sík, Judit Boros, Krisztián Gergely, Lajos Tóth, Zoltán Csík-Kovács

Project website: