"It's like a Kensington lock for your iPad."

A software that protects your iPad™, iPhone® or iPod®


The software is continuously tracking whether your devices are connected to your computer with a USB cable. If any of the devices gets disconnected (on either end of the USB cable) an alarm sound goes on immediately.

It works with iPads, iPhones or iPods - even more of them at the same time.

System requirements

You need a Mac computer with built-in or external loudspeakers.
Our piece of software works on Mac OS X 10.6.

How does it work?

First, run the PadLock software. Connect your devices with their native USB cables to your computer. Click the Lock button to start protection. If any of the devices gets disconnected (on either end of the USB cable) an alarm sound goes on immediately.

How to stop the alarm?

You should re-plug the iPad/iPhone/iPod or go to the software window and press the Unlock button to stop the alarm.

How to reactivate the alarm after alerting?

After re-plugging the iPad/iPhone/iPod the alarm is automatically reactivated. You can also reactivate it by first unlocking then re-locking the devices in the software window.

Current limitations

Please note that our software does not offer password protection. The alarm can be easily stopped by anyone having access to the software - either by unlocking the protection in the software or by forcing the software to quit. On the top of this, the alarm sound can be easily muted by connecting earphones to the computer.

This means that you should position your computer out of reach of visitors. Unauthorized access to your computer makes the protection considerably shallow... well, they can even take your computer.

The story behind

We exhibited our Submap project during our latest Open Studio Day with an iPad which we used as an input device to set several markers on the map of Budapest. The map of the city was then torsioned according to the position of these markers.

When installing the project we realized that we have to figure out a way to prevent our iPad from being stolen. Since iPad is missing the Kensington lock port this seemed rather difficult. We had to make sure that no one could walk away with our tiny shiny tablet…

Therefore we wrote a little piece of code that detects the removal of the iPad and turns a loud alarm sound on. Since the iPad was connected to the computer via USB cable for recharging anyway, we focused on tracking whether the device was plugged-in into USB port or not.

Credits: Krisztián Gergely, Dániel Feles, Bálint Ferenczi and Attila Bujdosó at Kitchen Budapest.

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Terms of use

This script is available under Creative Commons 3.0 BY-NC-SA license.

You can download the software and use it freely for non-commercial purposes. You can also copy and distribute the work by giving credit to the creators. If you modify, transform or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same, similar or a compatible license.

Disclaimer of warranties and limitations on liability

We provide the code on an as-is basis. Please understand that under any circumstances we take no responsibility for the safety of any of your devices, hardwares or softwares.

By downloading the code you accept the conditions above. Click here to download

Develop further, share it, let us know

If you are interested in further developing the code, e.g., translate it to other platforms, please do so! In such case we expect you to give credit to our team. Also, we would appreciate if you could send information about how (in what context) you used it, as well as sending us back your updated code so that we can make it available for download.

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