noisy coat

Noisy coat is a fashionista performance tool. The project is collaboration between kepp showroom and KIBU. The idea behind the work is to remind the fashion loving audience of the work that is put in crating and making fashion. In order to do that sounds of different machines typical to sewing workshop (sawing machines, irons, coat hangers and so on) along with environmental sounds were recorded in the showroom to create an interactive noise composition that a dancer brought to life. The movements of the dancer triggered and modulated the above-described sounds. The whole project concentrated around putting clothes and fashion itself into new light and we felt that if we want to be true to ourselves than we have to make the sensors out of textile. That is why we made pressure and bend sensors using conductive textile. The “noisy coat” was performed and exhibited two times at kepp showroom during Design Week 2010 and once at the Contemporary Art Institution in Dunaújváros. At least until now.

Noisy Coat @ artMuse from laszlo kiss on Vimeo.



Participating researchers: Kiss László, Sik Eduárd
Kepp showroom: Hofstädter Sandra, Kovács Adél, Tomcsányi Dóri, Hajdu Anett, Havancsák Teréz
Dancer: Jobbágy Bernadett