The McLuhan wikisprint

"If you want to learn about something, just write an entire Wikipedia article about it."

On the first weekend of April 2011 we run a wikisprint within the framework of the “No One Belongs Here More Than You” exhibition at Kunsthalle Budapest. We called for collaborative creation and writing of the Hungarian Wikipedia article about Marshall McLuhan.

We had several motivations to run the wikisprint. We wanted to create the article which hadn't existed before. We also wanted to use this opportunity to learn about Marshall McLuhan, his concepts and his work.

Another intention of ours was to embed online collaboration into the exhibition which focused on forms of artistic collaboration and creation. We at Kitchen Budapest use online communication tools to collaborate and build our work upon them.

The best example for online collaboration is Wikipedia which celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2011. Wikipedia works just unbelievably and this is something not to forget. The result of our wikisprint is the amount of nearly 200 edits made by appr. 20 users within 2 days. The Hungarian article on Marshall Mcluhan is indeed not a complete one as Wikipedia articles can never be consider finished. Therefore, we hereby encourage everyone to continue editing the article to make it even more accurate.

Editors: Bujatt, Pytia, Peterpuklus, Kleinl, Misu2002, Bireszter, Csortanb, Melindasipos, Zzkovacs, Gase12, OsvátA, Lazlozoid, Lehmannm, Gbrlla, Klaumau, Grin, Trevor, Einstein2, Luckas-bot, and anonymous editors from, and IP addresses.
Video: Csík-Kovács Zoltán
Organisers: Bircsák Eszter, Bujdosó Attila, Nina Czeglédy, Sipos Melinda
Curators of the exhibition: Csizek Petra, Döme Gábor

The McLuhan wikisprint, organised by Kitchen Budapest, is part of the McLuhan Centenary in Hungary.