Plant cruiser

Our aim

A sensor-equipped autonomous potted plant, which seeks to meet the needs of plants with special needs. On the other hand, robotic and ecological experiment.

Why do we prepare it?

The first concept was an interactive installation with 20-30 solar powered mobile robots. Where the machines sharing the need of light with the plants that they were moving. Even the simplest algorythm is able to produce an organic pattern in movement of 20 equal machines. For example if their program is about to avoid collision and strive towards light the pattern of the simplest ecological competition emerge. Using the physiological status of the plant as a sensor the machine can cooperate with the needs of the living.

How does it work?

Essentially plants doesn't like moving, but there are some species with extra needs of light. These plants are often unable to adapt because of the different needs of light. Slowing this movement down and taking the plant to the brightest place of the room has a positive impact on plant development.

Current state

The prototype is equipped with two directed light sensors, a motion sensor and with an infrared distance sensor. Capable of setting up a four-dimensional map, in which two dimensions are floor plan, third one is the light intensity in each point, and the fourth is time.