Tim Devine

The challenge and the motivation to create interactive art comes from both trying to foresee how the experience of a work might be for a person and how it actually is experienced; it is at once an experiment for the artist and the people who engage with it.  

His works include, NewsLeak (KiBu), Two Computers at Leisure Playing Chess in a Park, A Game of Marbles and The Society of The Spectacle. He has completed two undergraduate degrees, one in Music and one in Digital Arts.  Timothy also spent one year as Artist in Residence at Experimedia in Melbourne where he developed the Elicit series. He has been commissioned for interactive installations at the State Library of Victoria and Oxfam.

In April he will follow a residency at Kitchen Budapest developing his project News Leak. He has performed as video artist with Neongolden throughout Europe and Australia and presented papers at Technarte, Bilbao and Computer Space, Sofia. His work has been written about around the world, with interviews on national radio CBC Canada and radio Australia.

He currently lives in Linz Austria following his Masters of Interface Cultures at the Kunstuniversität.