Attila Bujdosó

Senior research supervisor at Kitchen Budapest.

Attila keeps tabs on the progress of the projects and coordinates the researchers' work at KIBU.

He graduated as an architect but he wants to design not only buildings but the whole world. He is especially interested in the field where technology, culture and society meets and interacts. Attila never likes to be bored. He is addicted to coffee, large cities and internet.

Formerly he worked as an architect for ONL [Oosterhuis_Lénárd] on the CET project. He is member of KÉK - Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre, organizer of Pecha Kucha Night Budapest, initiator of Remix Architecture project supported by Creative Commons Corporation.

bujatt's Blog Posts

24 hours of cycling in Budapest

Kitchen Budapest and UrbanCyclr teamed up to untangle the invisible pattern of bike traffic in Budapest. 100.000 kilometers of biking routes collected from individual bikers are overlaid on the city map. All distortions of the map reflect higher biking activity in the respective area of the city. 24h map animation reveals the daily biking patterns of a growing community of urban bikers in Budpest.

Block Hack workshop 2012

We run a workshop for architecture students of Budapest University of Technology and Economics between 16 and 20 April 2012. The main focus is put on The Village House in Budapest which was built in 1970. The building, with its 886 flats and 315m length, counts as the largest apartment building in Hungary.

During the 5-days workshop we will explore relations between place and community, trust networks, invisible networks, 2d and embodied datavisualizations as well as community engagement platforms and games. We will map wireless networks invisible in the building, create a 2d or spatial visualization of it and explore its inlaying potential in contributing to building a sense of community.

Beyond Data workshop at Lift conference

Today Bálint Ferenczi and Attila Bujdosó run 'Beyond Data' workshop on data embodiment at the great Lift conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

Subjective Atlas of Hungary - international launch in Amsterdam and Brussels

Subjective Atlas of Hungary will be launched internationally on Wednesday, 19 October 2011 at the Lloyd HotelAmsterdam.

On Thursday, 20 October 2011 there will be a special evening at WIELS, Brussels, featuring the Subjective Atlas series, including the Hungarian edition.

SubMap wins Design Award 2011!

We are more than delighted to hear that our SubMap project wins the Hungarian Design Award 2011 in the category of Interactive Design.