Gabor Papp

Computer scientist whose main interest is software art, by which he is exploring the cultural implications of software.

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Workshops at Actfest

Agoston Nagy and Gabor Papp, two KIBU researchers were invited to give Pure Data, Arduino and Fluxus workshops at Actfest, in Cakovec, Croatia.

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NCP at Resonance Ghent

No Copy Paste is taking part in the 3-day live coding lab at the Resonance Ghent festival in Belgium. At the research gallery Espace Ladda an open symposium is held, curated by Freesound founder Bram de Jong, bringing the most talented in the audio-visual area of ‘live coding‘. Also known as ‘on-the-fly programming’ or ‘interactive programming’, the name ‘live coding’ is given to the creative process of writing - and visualizing - software in real-time as part of the performance. Until recently a musician/composer rarely had the capability of altering software code in real-time, which is somewhat erased by the rise of coding programs such as ChucK and SuperCollider.

NCP in Zagreb

Our live coding group No Copy Paste was invited to the μArs festival in Zagreb to give a performance and teach workshops about their tools.

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