Beáta Csortán

Besz graduated in 2011 at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. As industrial designer her motivation is to search for and solve real-world problems.
What really interest she nowadays are also a global problems:
environment-conscious living and thinking - to make people think and take action -,
alternative energy sources - e.g.: energy harvesting of children/animal motion –
and Design-For-All mentality (for all: children, adults, blinds, etc.).

Dóri Sirály

When at work, she is a graphic designer, visual communicator, teacher, learner, mother of a young boy :). In her freetime she rides a horse, drinks wine spritzer or goes to dance.

dr Manuela Lukács

She has graduated in law. She has studied political science for one year. She has the patent for her first invention that she has admitted when she was 14. Regarding her research work she has ten admitted inventions and 79 products in under protective right for model proclaimed in the Hungarian Patent Office.

Forgács Simon

Entrepreneur, Web & IA Designer, Start-Up Chile participant and Prezi Evangelist Intern from Budapest, Hungary.

Gabor Papp

Computer scientist whose main interest is software art, by which he is exploring the cultural implications of software.

Gáspár Hajdu

Gás graduated as an architect.
He will show up for the following keywords:
architecture, photography, video, 3D, programing, live coding, concrete.
He likes cubes and mushrooms.

Kiss László

He is a Budapest based artist, currently a senior researcher at Kitchen Budapest. He graduated at the Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, majoring in Creative Music Technology. His aim is to alter the relationship between the mind and the world with which it interacts using light, sound and machine. Designer, thinker, and programmer sound plastician.

Zoltán Csík-Kovács

Graduated on visual communication at MOME in 2004. Preceding studies: philosophy (SZTE), informatics (SZTE).

Most recently he worked on Nighmo (Home Moonlight) project. This was an old dream came true in Kitchen. Although he imagined it in a completely different way, the final product which has been realized is something what he would never dare to dream of.

Former Guest Researchers

Christopher Baker

Christopher Baker is an artist whose work engages the rich collection of social, technological and ideological networks present in the urban landscape. Baker creates artifacts and situations that reveal and generate relationships within and between these networks.

David Bowen

David Bowen is a studio artist and educator. His work has been featured in numerous group and solo exhibitions including: Brainwave at Exit Art, New York, NY, The Japan Media Arts Festival at The National Art Center, Tokyo, if/then at Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA, Artbots at Eyebeam, New York, NY and Data + Art at The NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA. His work has been featured in publications such as: Art in America, Leonardo and Sculpture Magazine. He received his BFA from Herron School of Art in 1999 and his MFA from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis in 2004.

duncan speakman

My work explores how we use sound to navigate geographical, personal and political environments, creating experiences that physically and emotionally engage audiences in public spaces.

Many of my pieces, such as the soundwalks and live performances, are experienced on headphones while walking through public spaces.
Sometimes they are pre-recorded, at other times they may use satellite positioning, live performers and realtime sound processing.
Recently I have been developing a mass participation form called a 'subtlemob' (info here )

Emilie Grenier

Emilie Grenier’s work focuses on broken momentary narratives and storytelling. Her love affair with film and the cinematic has only deepened with the evolution of interactive media, allowing the medium to transform. This openness to alternatives has brought her to reflect on the poetics of sound, textile and electronics. Ideas of intimacy, both immediate and distant, provoke audiences to challenge assumptions about their surrounding environment.

Fran Castillo

Fran is an architect and interaction desinger from Spain. He develops research around the confluence of science, art and technology and is strongly interested in the concept of Open Energy a Real-Time Energy Behaviour Visualization.

Harald Haraldsson

Harald Haraldsson is the founder of Wonwei. He works with code, design, film, and finance.

Jayme Cochrane

Jayme Cochrane is an interaction designer and new media artist. After receiving a B.Sc in Interactive Arts (focus Interaction Design) from Simon Fraser University in Canada, he moved to Linz to work in the Ars Electronica Futurelab. He is now a master’s degree candidate in Interface Culture at the Kunstuniversität Linz. His research interest lies in the intersection of real-time social data with architecture and urban environments.

Lin Ying Kuo

Lydia is studying interaction design at Domus Academy in Milano. She has many years experience in visualization design in Taiwan. She is working on experimental short videos, interactive installations and interface innovation. She is super glad to be a member of Kibu for Summer 2009 :)

Loes Bogers

Loes Bogers is currently artist in residence at KiBu. Loes expresses herself through code, movement and words, and her work focuses on shared experiences of urban spaces through memories, sound, movement and play. She holds an MA in Interactive Media from Goldsmiths College, London, a BA in Media and Cultural Studies from University of Amsterdam and has studied media arts & production at University of Technology in Sydney.

Maria Laura Méndez-Martén

Maria is a designer from Costa Rica, based in Paris, France since 2002. Currently at her last year of master degree at ENSCI, les Ateliers, Paris, she worked in lighting projects and interactive and services design. She is interested in social networks and how the different devices create relations in between users and machines. She likes to use graphics, music,light and video in order to find new interactions and services for peoples

Ramyah Gowrishankar

Ramyah graduated as a Communication Designer from Srishti, School of Art Design and Technology, in Bangalore, India. Her works are a curious mix of Visual Communication, Film, Interaction design and Digital media. She is interested in exploring the relationships that evolve around people and their everyday objects and is always searching for interesting stories about the world around her. Learning through sharing ideas and experiences in a multi-contextual space through a variety of mediums is one of her key sources of inspiration.

Tim Devine

The challenge and the motivation to create interactive art comes from both trying to foresee how the experience of a work might be for a person and how it actually is experienced; it is at once an experiment for the artist and the people who engage with it.  

Victor Diaz

Victor is a Spaniard guy, born in Granada. He studied Telecommunication Engineering and recently finished an Interdisciplinary Master in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media at the University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona.

He is really interested in human emotions, how the brain works, in data visualizations, new ways of interfacing with computers, photography, experimental cinema, more humanized architecture and really concerned about new ways of education. And even better if everything is seasoned with open source and free culture :)


Winkler Zsolt, managing director

Zsolt has been working for Magyar Telekom since 1999, he started his carrier in the field of mobil communication.

He was a team member in the Hungarian MMS implementation program, and has been working for the Integration Office helping the reorganization of the company. In the last years he has been active in the Strategic and Business Development unit focusing on media development projects.

Attila Bujdosó

Senior research supervisor at Kitchen Budapest.

Attila keeps tabs on the progress of the projects and coordinates the researchers' work at KIBU.

He graduated as an architect but he wants to design not only buildings but the whole world. He is especially interested in the field where technology, culture and society meets and interacts. Attila never likes to be bored. He is addicted to coffee, large cities and internet.

Eszter Bircsák, curating

She is an art historian and cultural manager, freelance curator who is interested in emerging technologies in contemporary art. Eszter is in KIBU from the beginning on different position from coordination assistant (2007-2008), program supervisor (2008-2009) till project supervisor of education and curating (2009-).

Melinda Sipos, program advisor

Melinda Sipos is a Budapest-based artist and interaction designer. She works currently as program advisor at Kitchen Budapest.

Attila Nemes, program advisor

Attila works as program advisor at Kitchen Budapest.

Bálint Ferenczi

Bálint is the Head of Research. He started at KIBU as a researcher, doing interaction design. Likes playing with mental models, whatever those are.

Dóra Simon, coordinator

Dóri finished her English and communication studies in 2007 - has been an enthusiast of English and books ever since.
She joined KIBU at the beginning of 2010 as a coordinator. She is responsible for the smooth running of the office and the researchers' daily work.

Dr. Darányi András, comm. & soc. med. advisor

András is a communication advisor or something alike. Previously the Editor in Chief of Pesti Est, creative consultant of the Est Media Group, then worked as the editor of Hungary's first social media research prepared by Next Wave. Even earlier the founder and director of Budapest Holocaust Memorial Center, and quite a long time ago was an animateur of the Council of Europe anti-xenophobia campaign.

He has got a lawyer degree, his thesis was about the dispute settlement procedure related to the internet domains' rights.

Bence Bogár

If he was tag cloud: creativity, productivity, dream, idea, belief, knowledge, team, connection startup. If he was quote: Chellenge the status quo! However he isn’t tag cloud and quote, but he is head of startup.

Key Advisors

Adam Somlai-Fischer

Adam is interaction designer and architect. He is the cofounder of, director of aether architecture, and senior adviser of Kitchen Budapest medialab.

An architect and interaction designer, is interested in the cultural qualities of new technologies, and to explore these he creates installations and experiments that blend spaces, technologies and interactivity. A team worker, Adam collaborates with designers, artists and engineers, where motivations are shared to create projects from conglomerates of thinking cultures.

Péter Halácsy

Peter has a degree of electrical engineering from BME Budapest, besides KIBU, he is a researcher at MOKK Media Research, at the department of sociology.

Nina Czegledy

Nina is a media artist, curator and writer. She has collaborated on international projects, produced time based and digital works, and participated in workshops, forums and festivals worldwide. She has exhibited her work as part of the ICOLS group at ISEA2004, and venues in Australia and the US. In the same year exhibited with the Girls&Guns collective's touring exhibition.

György Peter

Reader at the Institute for Art Theory and Media Studies, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest and at the Media Research Centre, Budapest University of Technology. His research interest is 20th-21st century Hungarian art history – especially the waves of the avantgarde movement -, theory and practice of contemporary art, and the cultural context of new media. He is the author of 12 books and hundreds of journal articles.