Poem Bean has arrived!

Poem Bean - blinking eye

Push the Bean’s belly so the LED eye will start blinking the encoded poem in Morse code. Why? Because poetry is good, but it is even better Morse coded!

This bean-shaped crazy gadget is small but smart and it has a poetic heart. It is communicating in an oldschool way. You can store a poem or any personal message in it.

You can also make it teach another Poem Bean. And there are some applications you should avoid:

beanthings - not recommended to do  with beans

This bean is on exhibition from tomorrow in Pixelache, Helsinki, so there will be more news soon!

this is one possible connection of Morse, poetry and triptych :)

Probably this is the first time the words Morse, poetry and triptych appears together...


We hope you will like this little gadget although it has super low bandwidth, super small storage...

Go and get one, or read more on the Poem Bean official site: versbab.kibu.hu