diploma work

We wanted to design an eco-kitchen product that calls the attention to eco-conscious way of living and consuming, and gives high priority to up to date technical possibilities.

How does it work

Plantus is a self-supporting system for growing plants, herbs and vegetables using nutrient solutions without soil, caters fish (also consumables) and disposes a separated sprouting unit. As indoor equipment it can be used as space divider set, as well. Plantus is interactive, communicates with the customer, and completes today’s kitchen to make it a real eco-tech part of a 21st century’s household.

Current state

We have a prototype, see this innovative device in action in the video below.

Participating researchers

Judit Boros, Márton András Juhász, dr. Manuéla Lukács, Melinda Sipos

Plantus project is the result of the co-operation of BME Industrial Design faculty and Kitchen Budapest.