P2P Booksharing app for social network

Where COMPUTING serves the very SOCIAL action of lending a very PHYSICAL piece of CULTURE... a book.

Books (yes, we think of physical pieces of books) are still of relevance in our age when file sharing, music and video download became our daily routine. We can carry them with us, read it on the tram and have wonderful smell!

Our aim

Sometimes you don't want to buy a book before you read it. You might not like it or just don't find it as good as to keep and store it for ages. Therefore it is a good option to borrow books from a library or from friends. Our aim is to combine these two into peer-to-peer booksharing.

How does it work?

Our application is incorporated in the most popular social network site in Hungary, iWiW. Users adding our application can share their books they offer for lending while others can browse, search and borrow them.

Current state

Now our application does the following basic features: add, edit and delete books, search and browse by user.

Later we intend implement filtering features based on user-proximity, point of user location, book rating, user rating.

Participating researchers

Bujdosó Attila, Dul Dávid, Kelemen Viktor, Szalai András