NEXT 6. Exhibition - selection of video broadcasts

We broadcasted live video about KIBU's booth in NEXT 6. festival and also made interviews of dude exhibitors. This is all could happen using the wonderful Bambuser service which is a great tool to easily broadcast live video even from your mobile phone.

KIBU, Smoke Viz, Prezi, Tonetags, Nighmo, Kibu yearly book

Dune from Studio Roose Gaarde, Wiremap from Phedhex

Sustainable Dancefloor, PlayAlive, Remote impact from Distancelab

Remote impact from Distancelab, Cellphone Disco, KIBU

After Life Project and Bunnybot from CIID

Dune, CO2 Balance

Digital Globe, Microsoft Surface, The Orb, Compound Eye from CIID

Nighmo, Bambuser, Prezi

Bambuser, Nighmo


Tonetags, Nighmo, Smoke Viz, Bambuser