Art Camp and ISEA

Singapore is one of three remaining true city-states in the world, it is the smallest and richest nation in Asia, a place where high end technology meets tropical paradise and this year they hosted the XVI International Symposium on Electronic Art. This is the world's premier media arts event for the critical discussion and showcase of creative productions, applying new technologies in interactive and digital media. This year the symposium was joined by with the 6th Asia-Europe Art Camp dedicated to computer games, which gathered 20 artists and students from across Asia and Europe.

The Asia-Europe Fundation, which was founded in 2003, started this initiative to focus on New Media Art. It aims to develop a platform to promote dialogue between art students, to learn more about each other's contexts, cultures and to provide inspiration during a week of lectures, workshops and cultural visits. There were lectures about casual games by Jason Yap, odors and their interactive utilization by Mei Kei Lai, and about game hacking, game engines, machinimas by Friedrich Kirschner, Pavel Sedlák and Ivor Diosi.

We were focusing more on the creative process than on the "artistic product". During the second week we formed teams and stared to work on our own games. The teams worked on a variety of areas such as, odors, mixed reality, mentos and coke. I was working on a sound controlled game with So Kanno, Kian Peng ONG and Julian ‘Togar’ Abraham. Click here to find out more about the game, Karaoke Invaders.

Since our schedule overlapped with the ISEA participants' schedule, we had a chance to meet a lot of well-know people. We also had the opportunity to visit the annual ISEA exhibition, which is a selection of the year's best new media projects. One of the most exciting events was a presentation, the so called pecha-kucha. Every ISEA participants introduced themselves using ZUI Prezi, which was controlled by Adam Somlai-Ficher.

Although Asia prevents Europe in many ways, I have realised that Kitchen Budapest is still cutting-edge. Even in Singapore, everybody was amazed when we showed our ZUI presentation, they admired our persistence and enthusiasm, and they envied our projects and possibilities.