Breath Fairies

Within the thick visible breath that we exhale in cold air, tiny fairies come alive. Tough we can’t see them, if we are drunk they get drunk too; our breath is their flora and fauna. The Breath Fairies machine exposes these little creates, and lets people keep them on their mobile phones.

Breath Fairies from KIBU on Vimeo.

How does it work

Using some biometrics of the breath, and possibly some help from visual scanning, and alcohol meter, we generate programmatic 3D fairies unique to each one trying the machine. The Machine is shaped a little like a dispenser, and contains a projector, computer, sensors, and if needed a cooling mechanism, as well an augmentation of the mist if needed via ultrasonic machines.Printouts are possible to do, from images shot of the breath, mouth, teeth and the fairies photographed from inside the machine.

Try it!

1. Breath into the machine of breath fairies!
2. Look at your own fairy growing up from the mist!
3. Dial your number to get your fairy as an MMS!