Our project aims at creating a mobile application that will be a personal and essential guide for touring the city of Budapest. While you cruise through the city, this product will enable you to watch videos about nearby interesting places with the help of mobile Internet. These videos are created by researchers from Kitchen Budapest with the help of a friendly-faced Hungarian stand-up comedian.

Why do we make it?

Nowadays, with the development of mobile phone technology, a ‘portable computer’ is available to everyone. The prices of GPS devices are also continuously decreasing. With popular phones like iPhone and Nokia N95, videos, motion pictures and other visual media are available in one’s pockets. These gadgets will soon replace the television.

How does it work?

The videos, tagged to the locations, are mainly of three types. The first and the shortest are just few seconds long. They act as teasers to immediately attract the attention of visitors through few interesting pictures and text. The second are longer videos that give one or two minute previews that are fun and more persuasive. The third type of videos is not available in every location. These are detailed introductions to places and are around 10-20 minutes long. According to our concept, the institutions would give these videos or they could order them.

Current state

Currently, till the Flash Lite 3 does not come out (2008 Q3), this service will be available only on Nokia N95. The software prototype is ready and we also have 40-50 pieces of 2-3 seconds long previews, 15-20 short videos and a few long ones.

Participant researchers:

Dániel Feles, Péter Halácsy, Gina Haraszti, Milán Korsós, Krisztián Kristóf, András Szalai

and Tamás Kovács Budha - artist and Kőhalmi Zoltán - comedian.