Autoremixer is an automatic mixing software, which makes from 3-4 song a new one.

Why do we prepare it?

We would like to create a mixer program that needs only a hardware (not mp3’s) which makes the right sound amount from 4-5 radio station’s program: it generates music from one station so that from the other stations it only cuts out sound shreds, so we get a totally new music, but the beat remains the same.

How does it work?

The program takes the songs into beats and even minor pieces, then by rearranging and resizing them, produce a new, live output.

Current state

At this moment we fix up the software, which deals with the mp3’s, only after that is it interesting to go on towards DSP programming and transceiver formating. In this way there is gonna be a software and also a hardware version, but now we fine the computer-exec variant.