Bycall is a bicycle alarm, which transmits warning sign from the bicyclist to the radiostations in the cars, within a radius of 15 meters.

Participating researchers

Áron Horváth, Zsolt Korai

Why do we prepare it?

We evolved Bycall towards the safety of the bicyclists. Mainly only the passengers and the other cyclists can hear the traditional bicycle ringer, we can not signal to the people in the car - in turn this is the most dangerous.

How does it work?

According to polls, most of the drivers are listening to radio in the car. We created a gadget, that is not bigger than a bike ringer and that is continuously emitting ringing or our own recordings 15-20 meters widely in 9 radiostation. With a simple program through USB, we can change these stations depending on where we are and which stations are the most popular there. This technology is not only useful for cyclists, but we can assure the security of children as well for example in playgrounds, schools and in every kind of place where children are in danger to cars.

Current state

Currently the prototypes are in test mode.