WifiPed is an electricity supplier driven by the pedalling force of the cyclist. The rotary movement of bicycle can easily be used for generating electricity during sport, which feeds the Wi-Fi router.

Participating researchers

Szonja Kádár, András Böröcz

Why do we prepare it?

Aside from being energy consumers we are also energy producers, even if this side of us comes up less frequently. Why not make use of the energy produced by physical activity of our own body? Instead of lifting enormous weights with energy flying away in the air, mobile phones could be charged, or even wireless internet could be provided from energy reserves of the human body. Trying WifiPed in the exhibition, you can realize your capacities of energy production, and benefits - other than health - of doing sports.

How does it work?

The bike is hitched up on an indoor bicycle trainer, and drives a power generator which is connected to the input of wifi-router. Also an arduino is connected to it, which runs an animation of Sisyphus rolling a stone up the mountain. While the wheel keeps rotating, so does the animation keep running, Sisyphus keep climbing and rolling the stone. Once the pedalling stops, the stone rolls back, and poor Sisyphus must start over the rolling from the foot of the mountain.

Current state

An exhibited, working construction, which visitors can sit on and try to help Sisyphus to reach the summit.