Pixelache '08

It was a long trip, full of work and fun. Here it is, a mix from the travelogs of the participating researchers.

Pixelache University' is the title of Pixelache Helsinki Festival 2008 (12-16 March). This year's theme is education - how to bring together art, science, technology and culture in an interesting and challenging way? Can educational institutions learn something from grassroot communities on how to share knowledge and support innovation?

The debut of KiBu came off very well on Pixelache, the installations, the conversations and our seminars assured everybody that KiBu is a great place with professional researchers and crazy ideas. Eleven of us went to Helsinki, which is a fair number of people from one place, and it communicated a very good thing (what we also wanted): that in KiBu team-work is very decisive.

We went to Helsinki to introduce ourselves, our ideas, come to know other people and their work, get some inspiration and new crazy slants, bring them home and follow out.

Kiasma, the museum where the festival took place, is a contemporary museum. Here you can experience through exhibitions, theatre and other cultural work, what is contemporary today.

We have to mention some other constitution and/or creators that had an effect on us:

Some of us find these strange bubbles the most interesting: the gist of these creations is that the creators visualize sound – what we also wanted.

Totally other, music performance, which was not so special, but it captivated us: TokTek, the dutch musician plays with child toys (such as a ‘kazoo’ on the picture), then recycle it digitally by improvisation. In the middle of his concert he stopped, put a new, unknown disc on his turntable and ‘re-expound’ his whole sounding. Familiar, honest corker, we invited him to KiBu and we hope that he can come at the earliest possible moment.

We really have to mention Zach from the UK: he was speaking about Carbon Hero on the Traveling without moving seminar. First he visited one of our projects, Arbour Light, we were conversing about it, he had some good ideas. The next day we were going to his seminar and the last slide of the presentation was this:

(He also wrote "Köszönöm" in his presentation, which is the hungarian "Thank you!". Go KiBu Go!)

We would like to thank Juha Huuskonen and the Pixelache team for inviting us to participate at Pixelache University.
Thanks Pixelache!