KIBU on the Pixelache Festival!

KIBU's six projects (Animata, Animobil, ArbourLight, autoCut, Mllamp, No copy paste) are invited by the famous european festival of electronic art and subcultures Pixelache in Helsinki between 13-16th of March.

Kitchen Budapest respects the main focus of Pixelache 2008 Helsinki, which is the reduction of our eco footprint. During our travel from Budapest to Pixelache and back home, we are documenting and comparing the ecological footprints of our journey. For this purpose we travel on two different routes and vehicles: one group of the researchers travels by plane, while the rest by car. Beyond the evident environmental costs of traveling itself, we capture "key moments", such as package waste after meals.

Our experiences are being exhibited as a separate project on the festival, and its blog is being continually updated.