AutoCut is a sound-based "self-editing" video application. There are many short videos shot by mobile devices. They usually stay on the hard disk or be uploaded to a video-sharing portal without any editing.

Participating researchers

Gina Haraszti, Ágoston Nagy, Péter Németh

How it works

On one hand, this program selects and edits the videos according to a certain music. On the other hand, autoCut can handle the videos in real time, based on the rythm of live audio input. AutoCut could be a great tool for presentations, performances and improvisational events. In this case, developing a live video input could mean a prospering future for autoCut on wider range.

So now, if you don't want to delve into editing your family flick, you can let the computer do it for you. The application analyzes the highlights of the added sound or music. In addition to the autoCut features, the Kitchen Budapest group is also developing several cool image editing and effecting features.


We have combined professional-level power with a very simple, one-window mouse-controlled interface, to make autoCut the perfect choice for either total beginners or experienced hobbyists.

We would like to build a simple cross-platform standalone application.


The second try

This cut-up is made with a pd/pdp prototype, there is no after-editing, it cuts itself based on the beat of the music (crunch). There are 9 small clips, and the program chooses between them, while modifying the clips speed, position and image composition (rotation).


On the first open presentation of AutoCut, a beatboxer helped to show how the application works. AutoCut edited the loaded videos according to the live sound input. The beatboxer controlled the video with his own voice, but switching between video folders and modules is manual.

autoCut from KIBU on Vimeo.


We Make Money Not Art, 07. March, 2008