The visitor to !REVOLUTION? international exhibition is spammed by an unsolicited mobile phone media message (bluejacking) in every 15 minutes. The message arrives in the form of a picture, video or a sound file representing major turning points in 20th century Hungarian history. These media messages point to the common features of 1919 (shortlived communist takeover and the resulting “white terror”, a farright dictatroship), 1956 (uprising against the Soviet occupation), 1989 (collapse of communism, system adjustments) and 2006 (anti-governmental and police clashes).
ATTAKK attacks the visitor reminding her the aspirations, passions and distresses that form the background of these historical turning points.
Outsiders: Bengt Sjölen és Léna Kútvölgyi

Photos of the installation:

Photos of the opening at Műcsarnok:

Selection of the messages:

Photos by Judit Tóth and Gina Haraszti