Mobile Jam

Jamming with mobile phones
Music sharing website

Our goal is to create musical content that was specifically created using (interconnected) mobile phones by utilizing phone interfaces that radically expand music-making competency for a larger number of people. Mobile musicians could create increasingly more complex sound loops from samples and they could mix and manipulate the created music further .

Our research has two directions:
1. Mobile phones as remote controllers
2. Mobile phones as stand-alone musical instruments

1. Mobile phones as remote controllers
Hardware: computer, PA system, mobile phones
Software: Java, Max/MSP, Pure Data, SuperCollider
Communication: Bluetooth

- mobiles control the computer as it generates sound loops
- mobile phones can control two ways:
- through dial buttons sequencing loops in time
- through using input data from the spatial position of the mobile (gestural apps)
- visual feedback on mobile display
- multi and single player play modes
- testing several interfaces for various age groups

2. Mobile phones as stand-alone musical instruments
Hardware: mobile phones
Software: Java, Processing, Mobile Processing
Communication: Bluetooth

- research is conducted on “next generation” mobile phones
- music is still controlled through dial buttons and 3D position sensor, but the Bluetooth piconets are created and maintained solely by the mobiles. All image and sound is generated on the mobiles using their displays and speakers.
- Multi and single person play modes.

Mobile Jam will be accompanied by a music sharing website in order to boost the community of mobile musicians.