PIXELIGHT - is an intelligent lighting system based on two geographically different places linked by Internet.
Usually we are not conscious about the complex role what light plays in human life (among many issues: it shows how time passes, it influences our perception of space and time or simply how it can determine our daily mood...). The project focus on phenomenas of light, which could provide communication between people and places in a metaphoric and sensitive way. Nowadays people have already been used to use web-based communication and digital equipments. They spend more and more time in cyberspace. With this research project I was looking for a solution when
we keep our human participation and sensation of nature. Why not apply our internet-connection and lighting devices (lamps) to create an alive system of communication? Pixelights reacts to mouvements and phenomenas of light. It is a metacommunication between places and peoples, while exports and abstracts light and personal presence.

How it works?
PLACE 1 (INPUT) : The view of the webcam is devided to zones. A software mesures the amount of the light and transfer the values via Internet.
1. using any webcam already placed on the world with our browser
2. our personal posed webcam
3. using the video function in our mobile-phone

PLACE 2 (OUTPUT) : There is a display of moduls. Each modul has its zone on the other side.The lighing objects reflect the captured values is real time.
As the amount of light changes in the zones, its object reflects the same brightness.
We could create a display on the wall or on the ceiling from variable amount of moduls. It could be flat or put on each other.