Adam Nemeth

When he was 12, tried to connect two Commodore 64s over phone line. Now doing some internet (and web "2.0") related stuff on UNIXes.

Using internet for more than 10 years, linux since 1998, Macintosh since 2005 (currently a MacBook). His first webpage was written on his Commodore 64, because he didn't have a PC yet then. An instant messaging addict, sometimes tries to give it up, but at least he's adept at it. Knows a bit of web too. And Linux. Currently studying applied information technologies on BUTE AAIT.

Has been employed as a sysadmin, built a cybercafé, coordinated web-based projects. He has his own development team since 2005; although all of the other members changed so far. With the current members he develops the startup (good-spot), which is a google maps mashup.

Taught his own course on Linux when he was 16 for 2 years; Organized and partly was a lecturer of a full-semester 4 hour per week course, called Webtanfolyam.

He writes his own (hungarian) blog on, and his special blog JabberMania in English. Once was a member of the Agenda Vr3 community.