Space Line Structure

This interactive installation is the result of our research on the possibilities of erasing the borders between the projected / imagined and real space. Or rather, looking for the answer of where the border of our presence is. We live just as much in the virtual world as in the real world. Or even more. But what is more? Where is the border?

The piece consists of five projected lines and led neon columns, carefully placed in the space in front of the screen. As the participants move in front of a Kinect camera (that is looking for movement using an algorithm) they interact with both the projected image and the columns. If there is no movement the projected image is static and the columns are dark.

The camera feed is divided into five segments, one for each line. If there is movement in a segment the corresponding line will move on a randomly chosen 3 dimensional X or Y Cartesian coordinate. If the chosen coordinate happens to be the X one moving forward, the joining neon columns will light up according to the intensity of the movement. As a result, rows are created that are built up from projected and real lines. The more people participate, the more variations can be created, thus different walls and structures can be built. The participants can deeply get involved and then get lost in this hybrid space.

Each line is also represented by a simple sine wave, but because there are five of them with four variations each, additive synth pads will be created that enhance the ambiance of the installation.


Kiss László, Csortán Beáta, Sirály Dóri, Balla A. Benjamin