LABtoLAB #3 at Constant in Brussels

From 24-28 January we are participating at Labtolab meeting III. organized by Constant in Brussels.

Some highlights of the program:

1st Day: At various levels, the European Commission is preparing to legislate harshly on different issues that are central for the development of collaborative networks and European medialabs.

During this day, we will get some information from activists who are closely monitoring the decision-making processes within the EU. We will try to understand how the current developments may affect us directly in a near future and - hopefully - how to react.

2nd Day: Organised by Catherine Lenoble and Attila Nemes following the working group on mapping issues:
"Our aim is to create an interactive map online, in order to gain specific data related to art and science and technology (social) DIY culture worldwide"

3rd Day: The Future of Informal Learning A collective futurologist exercise re-imagining the past and future of informal learning.

We are also planning to visit some medialabs in and around Brussels, amongst them: FoAmQO2iMAL and OKNO .

Labtolab is initiated and orgamnized by five Europian media labs in order to share knowledge: Crealab -Nantes,  Constant - Brussels, Medialab-Prado - Madrid, Area10 - London and Kitchen Budapest - Budapest.