Neuro Cube

We wanted to develop a game that is capable of creating complex systems based on simple rules. Each cube is composed of the same hardware elements and runs the same programs. The cubes are able to detect each other depending on their correlating situation and can interact with each other in the form of light and sound plays.

Our aim

The more cubes there are in the game, the more difficult it becomes to control them, but the number of hidden functions that can be accessed grows as well. The game basically offers logic puzzles that can be solved by changing the cubes’ correlating positions. The cubes in themselves can even be used for interior decoration.

How does it work

A microchip inside each cube controls the LEDs, infraports, and audio. Communication is made possible via the infraports placed on each side of the cubes. We use RGB LEDs for the inside lighting . Everything is powered by a battery inside the cube.

Participating researchers

Márton András Juhász, András Szalai, Ágoston Nagy, Dávid Lakatos, Simon Forgács