MacsEk is an asymmetric button eyed vaguely stitched USB tailed cosmopolitan traveling pocket thingy. It is usually found in geeks and other maniacs pocket (last seen > KIBU, red desk).

Our aim

We need midwifes to keep up the reproduction of these little creatures.

MacsEk is a pocket sized travel mate. soft and cuddly, helpful, joyful and always there to cheer you up! We want macsEk to see the world and get to know people. By doing so he/she(?) would bring strangers together as they share their memories of the unique experience of having a macsEk for some days.

How does it work?

The built in usb device will have information about the project, how to handle and also a hardware key for log in in to the community website. furthermore it could have the necessary guide about how to reproduce macsEk to keep breeding and spreading.

During the trips macsEk should be photographed and those pics could be uploaded to the community site. It will be necessary to have macsEk usb key to upload to the website.

Current state:

We proudly announce the birth of the first ever "macsEk" workshop. You can find pictures about the macsEk sewing on our Flickr:
macsEk sewingmacsEk sewingmacsEk sewing