Our experimentation started with two projects fLight and Cross connect made in 2008.

We were excited about the richness of possibilities of making experimental projects with balloons, so we decided to establish a team and name it Lufilab.

Therefore Lufilab is a series of explorations using balloons in social spaces as an alternate medium for interaction between people.
Our project balances itself between creating simple amusing accessories and experimentation with ephemeral "things" such as transient light, sound and human conversations.

Participating researchers

Ramyah Gowrishankar, Dávid Lakatos, Melinda Sipos, András Szalai, Péter Puklus

We can even understand it as extension of the human body in a less serious but a more playful/attractive way.

On the occasion of Pixelache09 we continue our experiments with these projects:

Hue Jump

The immediate environment of the balloons is divided into vertical colour zones. When a balloon is thrown up, it acquires the colour of the zone that corresponds to its height from the ground.

Burble Post

These are balloons that act as floating speech blurbs that allow the viewers to record and listen to voice messages left by other viewers.